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Brazil-China Innovation Dialogue 2015 Palácio do Itamaraty – Rio de Janeiro – October, 8-9th– 2015


Brazil-China Innovation Dialogue 2015

The Innovation Dialogue proposes a reflection on the current trends and challenges in innovation policies in Brazil and China. It looks into how both countries perceive the role of innovation in the search for sustainable economic gains, how both countries chart policies to meet the new technological frontiers and view the impact of current trends in the global economy on national innovation strategies. It purports to create the basis for a continuous interchange amongst policy makers, researchers and firms interested in the drivers and processes to foster innovation in Brazil and China.

In 2015, the Dialogue will give particular attention to the impact of changes in the international economic and political scenario on development and innovation strategies, new tendencies in the governance of the innovation process and policy making in the technological frontiers of agriculture and sustainable cities.

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